Comparative advantage in several industrial sectors including power generation, petro-chemicals, refineries, agro-allied processing activities such as:

  • Provides 1/3 of Nigeria’s oil wealth
  • 40% of onshore crude oil production
  • 60% of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) resource
  • Safe-City Video Surveillance Security System. First of its kind in Nigeria.
  • Natural access point for international trade for West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea
  • The largest gas reserves in Nigeria, exceeding 18 trillion cubic feet
  • One of the largest crude oil deposits in Nigeria.
  • Excellent access to the Atlantic Ocean including a natural deep-sea port.
  • Resident to ATALA OML- 46 oil field operated by the state owned “Bayelsa Oil & Gas Company”
  • Host to the Shell Petroleum Development Company’s world- class $4 billion gas gathering facility located at Gbaran-Ubie (the largest investment made by the Shell Petroleum Development Company in Africa).
  • Greatly endowed with vast reserves of oil and gas and other mining resources.
  • Endowed with vast agricultural resources and abundant labor.
  • Fertile soils, vast amounts of land available for cultivation of rice production and other cash crops, and the ability to have up to 3 seasons per year.

Bayelsa on the rise